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Why did the parachute come together during the launch and open as it was flying away?
 I should explain what and why that happen.
If you pull the parachute up to quickly when launching, it will come together as it did. This happens most often when there is little to no wind to help keep the parachute open when you pull it up for launch. If this happens you should abort and relaunch taking a few steps forward as you come up with it to help keep it open rather than pulling it up to quickly. What I did in the video was to lower the power just after I let go of the gondola to allow the parachute to open up. This is not a problem if the parachute was launched high and is level. If it were not directly over head and high I would have aborted and relaunch not taking a chance that it would drop to much before it re-opened. Note that I was easy on the power as not to climb out to fast and I was also over the camera before I got in the power to start the 180 degree turn.
The most common mistake people make is thinking they need a lot of power to fly my paraplane design. When in fact they end up with less flight time because they used more power than needed. The more you save the more you have when you need it.
It should also be noted that I power up to about 70% power as I start the launch and when I let go of the gondola I start cutting back on the power to allow the parachute to fully open. Being smooth with the power will make the parachute fly very smooth and will give greater flight times.