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2011 Test Flight Videos Page
I test fly every parachute before I ship them to ensure great performance.
All Sea Breeze Gondolas are designed to allow both hand launch as well as rolling take-offs.
"In Calm Winds it best to hand launch"
Please Note that in some videos I am flying in wind conditions I do not recommend people fly in.
Because I test fly every parachute before it is shipped, I will fly if possible to help avoid any shipping delay.
2011 Test Flight Videos
The next one I post could be yours.

Below are 10 flying tips that one might find helpful when flying my models.
  1)  Practice launching the model and take some steps to bring the parachute up over head.
       Do this until you can always get the parachute over head and open correctly.
  2)  Launch directly into the wind. If there is No Wind you will need to hand launch.
  3)  Watch the power setting. Once the model is flying it uses very little throttle.
  4)  Watch the parachute when flying. You fly the parachute not the gondola.
  5)  The first few flights should be in little to no wind. This way you have more control of the parachute
       and can see how well it will respond when given a command.
  6)  When you make a turn start with full throw of the stick and then come back on the throw if you want a larger turn.
       You also want to add a short burst of full power after giving a full stick input. This forces the model to turn.
  7)  When your up high use the steering input and throttle input together to get the hang of flight control.
  8)  With a little flight time you should be able to fly just as I do in the videos.
  9)  Get a friend to help if you can.
10)  Remember, Before you launch or leave the ground. ALL cells of the parachute MUST be open and the parachute
       must be above the gondola. The key to a GREAT flight is a good launch.
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