Here is a look at how the Canadian Flag parachute was made.
An image of a Canadian flag was loaded into the cad program.
The maple leaf was outlined and the flag was then removed.
Then the maple leaf was sized to fit the 82" parachute.
Then the G-code was created so the maple leaf could be marked out.
Here is a look as the machine used the G-code to mark out the maple leaf.
Here is a look at the maple leaf after it was cut from the material.
Then the edges of the maple leaf were hemmed.
Then the maple leaf was stitched to the white panel of the flag.
Here is a look at the completed white panel after it was sewn to the red panels.
Here the completed parachute was being rigged.
Here is a look at the completed Canadian Flag Parachute.
Here are a few pictures as the parachute was test flown.