I am now offering Lettering and 2D Imaging. The letters must be 6" or larger.
The image must be a 2D image. (All images below are examples of 2D images)
In the past few years I have done many custom parachutes with some form of graphic on them. I do not use stick on materials. The graphics I do have to be marked, cut and sewn to the parachute. This takes time and is a lot of work. But, the result is a graphic that will not peel off and should last as long as the parachute. (I fly a parachute that is 18 years old so with care they will last a long time.) Designs with more than one color can be done. They just take more time. ( IE Dolphin Sunset Parachute) Below is a look at some parachutes to give you an idea what can be done.
Here is a lettering sample. These letters are all 6" high and 1" wide.
It is better for the text or logo to be sewn in the top panel because there are no pleats in the top panel.
The letters / logo can be placed in the bottom panel. But, do keep in mind that the pleats will distort a small graphic. You can view the Red Star and Moon shown above before the pleats were sewn in on the left and after the pleats were sewn in on the right. It's not much be it does have to be there.
If you can draw it on paper. I can put it on a parachute.
You are welcome to send me your idea and I will send you a image of what the parachute might look like.
Send your request to:
question@seabreezeparachutes.com with the words parachute graphic in the subject line.