Layout and Sewing Room

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Image taken 2/21/10 as the door trim was completed and the internet connection was hooked up.



Here is a look back at the layout and sewing room as it was completed. 
Images taken 2/20/10 as the flooring and base board was installed.

Images taken 2/18/10 as the electric was completed.

Images taken 2/17/10 as the drywall was being textured and painted.

Images taken 2/15/10 as the drywall was being finished.

Images taken 2/11/10 as the drywall was being finished.

Sorry, I did not get any images of the insulation before the drywall went up. But can tell you that I put R13 in the walls and on the ceiling and angled portion of the walls I put R13 as well as adding 1/2" foam (with the foil back and I tapped all the seams of the foil backed foam with silver tape)

12' X 25' Layout & Sewing Room as of 2-8-10
Below are images taken 2/8/10 as I ready for insulation and drywall.
Front wall, rollup door and side entrance. (east wall)
Back wall (west wall)
Coming down the south wall
Coming down the south wall
East end of the south wall
North wall
North wall
West end of the north wall
North wall
West wall