Simple Camera Mount for the Quick Build Series Gondolas
(Fits the QBS40 or the QBSE)
The Mount as shown is $10.00 plus shipping
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The QBS Camera mount kit includes the following
Camera mounting bolt (1/4 x 20)
Large rubber flat washer 
HSS 5/32" drill bit
Upper and lower camera mount plates
6/32" mounting screw with locking nut and flat washer
Tools needed to install the mount
3/8" drill and a small knife.
Once the mount has been installed on your gondola and the camera mounted.
The mount and camera as one can be removed and reinstalled without the use of any tools.
First remove the prop ring from the gondola.
Locate the top of the prop ring.
Press the mount base on the prop ring as shown.
Note the slight gap at the seam.
For a tight fit remove the edge of the corners on both sides of the top flat on the prop ring.
Your looking for a tight fit.
Next notch the short step (image left) as shown in image right.
Next PRESS THE SEAM TIGHT and drill the hole in the mount base to match the hole in the prop ring.
Here is a look at the mount base after it has been drilled.
Mount it to the main strut with the short step facing forward. Secure with fuel tubing and rubber cap.
Next review your mounting options. View images from left to right 1)Forward facing Down 2) Forward facing slightly down 3) To the rear facing down.
Option 2 allows for the camera to face forward or to the rear offering 3 mount setup options a 4 camera mounting options.
Once you choose the mount setup. Place the locking nut in the slot and under the mounting hole.
Place the provide screw and washer in the slot and hold the nut as you tighten the screw.
Then Select a hole to mount your camera.
Place the large rubber washer between the mount and your camera.
Then tighten the bolt and check the fit. The bolt is used to secure the camera to the mount.
The rubber washer creates friction between the mount and the camera.
If the bolt is to long. Use caution and shorten it as needed.  
Here is a look at the mount with two different cameras mounted.
You can leave your camera mounted to the mount and in just a few seconds the mount and camera can be removed from the model using no tools.

Camera Mounting Tips
Use the wrist strap for your camera so that it will keep the camera from spinning around on the mount.
You must make sure the strap is not allowed slack enough to be caught by the spinning prop.
The same idea was used on the prototype mount. Image 1  Image 2 
But, now the base has more mounting options as well as slots that a wrist strap could be secured to.
You can use Velcro on the camera and mount and not use the rubber washer. If you don't mind a strip of Velcro on your camera.
I have also used rubber bands (one on each end of the camera) to keep the camera from turning.
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