I received the following images of James's Sea Breeze QBSE gondola.
(click images for a larger view)
James included the following information about his setup.
 I don't think I ever had a chance to describe fully what i finally wound up with as far as motor ,battery and esc. are concerned.
   I will give ya a few details and will try to attach couple pix. of my setup that I have found works well here in Va. with the wind blowing a pretty constant 10mph or better.

   MOTOR = GREAT PLANES RIMFIRE 42-40-1000kv  stock#GPMG4675
   ESC. =    JETI 70amp w/b.e.c.
   BATTERY=  ELECTRIFLY 5000ma balanced charge
   PROP  =    STANDARD A.P.C. 10x8 
   With this setup the motor is turning right at 9200 rpm and this setup has way more than adequate power even flying in some windy conditions after launch i just throttle way back and
   it cruises the evening skies in a very comfortable pace and landing has become a very comfortable event also .

I also received the following Flight Video