I received the following images of Jim's 82" Sea Breeze parachute and QBSE gondola.
(click images for a larger view)
Updated 8/27/07
The  Green QBSE Gondola is Paul's. More information on his model can be found at:

Jim's Flight Videos

Below is the Setup Jim started with.
Syncro AC 28/20-7 External Rotor
Electris fly speed control 35
Apc 10/7 prop
Ployquest 4400ma 11 volt 3 cell ( fly time 20 min)
After receiving this information I asked the following questions because it notes that it is what he started with.
Is this what Jim is using now?  No he is using the recommended set up now (Listed on the QBSE page HERE)
Was he low on power? Yes just a little
How did it fly? It flew well a little slow but flew good (great for some one just starting out)