Updated 10/5/07
Paul has updated his setup to the following.
Planes ElectriFly RimFire
                35-36-1200 Brushless Outrunner Electric Motor
ElectriFly Silver Series 45 amp Brushless Electronic Speed Control
A 10/7 slow flier prop.
3 cell 11 volt 3700 mah battery
4 cell 14 volt 4400 mah battery
I use the 14 volt when it gets windy it is heaver and gives me more power to fight the wind if I need it.

I received the following images of Paul's 82" Sea Breeze parachute and QBSE gondola.
(click images for a larger view)
The  Red QBSE Gondola is Jim's. More information on his model can be found at:

Paul's Flight Video

Here is a look at the paint and paint pen Paul used on his gondola.
He said he first used the Sharpie as a base and them Testors paint for the finish.
Below is information Paul has sent on the setup he is using on his QBSE.
E-flite Power 25 Outrunner
E-flite 40A brushless
Horizon hobby slowflier prop 10/7
Polyquest 4400ma 11 volt 3 cell (safe run time 15 min)
Polyquest 3700ma 11 volt 3 cell (safe run time 10 min)