Hello and Thanks for taking the Sea Breeze tour!
I am Troy and while I am taking a break, I will show you around and give you a inside look at what goes into sewing one of my parachutes.
I have been designing and sewing the Sea Breeze parachutes as a Hobby since 1989. I take Great Pride in each parachute I sew. I test fly every parachute before it is shipped to be sure it fly's as it was designed to. I invite you to take the 5 cent tour to see how my parachutes are created.
A lot of the work is done using custom designed CNC systems that I have built myself or with the help of close friends.
"Yes" CNC is another of my hobbies.
CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and has been around since the early 1970's. Prior to this, it was called NC,
for Numerical Control. (In the early 1970's computers were introduced to these controls, hence the name change.)
Today you can build machines and program them to do just about anything you want.

And now for the tour...
You may have seen the notice about not taking orders in January and now Feburary.
Well, You can CLICK HERE to see the reason.
And soon I will be updating this area of the tour.
But, For now, I will leave it as is....
A parachute order's first stop is here!
This is a look at the panel layout area. This is where the colors are pulled
for each parachute that is sewn. This is also known as the cut table.
Most parachute orders are completed in 2 to 3 days of hitting the cut table.
Here is a look at the rib cutting system.
Here is a look at the first top panels to be laid out with the newest CNC machine to be added.
Here you can see the top panel of a 82" parachute being marked out. And "Yes" that is a big table!
Here is the same panel as the rib locations are being marked out.
After the marks are complete. The machine moves clear so the
material can be removed and the next panel placed down for marking.
Parachute sewing area.
Parachute rigging Area.
As of 1/1/07 a Sea Breeze Servo Saver is shipped with every QBS kit. 
Video #1     Video #2     Video # 3
Here is a look at how the servo saver top plates are made now.
Before I finished the 7' X 13' machine HERE is how the servo saver top plates were made.

I hope you have enjoyed the nickel tour.
OH Yeah, since your still here and have not slipped into a room marked "DO NOT ENTER"
Here is a little something extra for you folks taking the tour this month.
Please keep in mind that I do this as a hobby and as you can see I put a lot into every parachute I sew as well
as the gondola kits I offer. My goal is to promote the RC Paraplane hobby and I am doing all I can to see it grow.
It has been a lot of fun over the years and I am Grateful to everyone who supports my efforts.
I do the best I can to keep up with the demand for the parachutes I offer.
Which reminds me... break time is over!
Happy Flying