Here is how I bend the 5/32 piano wire for the Sea Breeze Paraplane.


Make yourself a bender. It is simple to do and will save you a lot of time and trouble.

Here is how the wire bender I use is made.

Here is a look at my bender. I use a steel roll pin and cap screws. I have ground a grove in the heads of the screws so the wire does not slide off them as it is being bent around the roll pin.

Here is a good look at the cap screw that is on the base. You can also see the wire has been bent around the roll pin. "I do not heat or prep the wire in any way. I just mark it where I want it bent and bend it.

Here is a good look at the cap screw that is on the handle.

I lay the wire on the base of the bender and place the bender handle on top.

Then I bend the wire around the roll pin stopping the bend at the angle I want. (It is better to need to bend more rather than try to unbend. So, take your time.)

Look at the wire laying in the table below. You can see the bender does a really good job.

If you have questions or need more information.
Just ask I am always glad to help.